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Camping Drink Bottles

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  • Stainless Steel Cup, 13oz
    Sooo Impressed!...
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    Aimee on Stainless Steel Cup, 13oz

    The photos don't do this cup justice! It is so beautiful and I love drinking from it! I use it at home and when I'm out for coffee but I also use it for my wine haha!
  • Rhiannon F on Stainless Steel Cup, 13oz

    Its nice and light and not too bulky to chuck in my bag when we go out. Great for using at home with kids around. Love the lid design. I have never used a rubber lidded cup that I felt was 100% secure. This one tucks in the cup nicely so there is nothing to catch on and knock it off. My drinks have stayed hot for over 3 hours which is great as usually with the kids I never get to finish my drink or I have to keep microwaving it. The only flaw for me is that if I do want to drive with it the cup does not fit into a cup holder.
  • Rhiannon F on Eco-Toilet Paper 4 Pack, 2 PLY

    I got this as a tester before splurging on a box. Its great paper. Nice and soft. We were using a supermarket purchased paper and no one has noticed the differenced. Love the packaging.
  • Rhiannon F on Fresh Produce Mesh Bags, Small Pack (3 bags)

    Received these as a free gift. They are a little small for me but I have added them to my shopping bags, you never know. I do love the quality of them though and when my current bags need replacing or if I am giving an eco gift I will be purchasing some of the larger ones.
  • Eco Scrub
    Rhiannon F:
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    Rhiannon F on Eco Scrub

    Loving this scrubby. I was a little dubious as I'm not a fan of cleaning dishes with the usual green scrubbys from the supermarket, they are too thin, but I was after something more eco friendly than my usual sponges. After reading a few recommendations I thought Id give it a try. It has been great. Its quite thick and spongy and a good size to clean with. I love the bright colours too, adds a bit of fun to the dishes. The kids like it so it makes the chores a little more enjoyable. The only down side is that I cannot wipe down the water off the kitchen bench with it.