Eco Cleaning and Rinsing

Eco Cleaning and Rinsing

A lot of people have allergies to cleaning products which are used in homes today. We have sourced natural products which are safe to use so you, your children and pets can enjoy a clean home. 

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Bamboo & Organic Cotton Dish Towels

Tea Towels made of bamboo and organic cotton.The tea towel that doesn't leave any marks on your ..

NZ$9.90 Ex Tax: NZ$8.61

Biodegradable Dish Cloths New

Biodegradable Dish Cloths

The eco-friendly super absorbent dish cloths are 100% biodegradable.The Wet-it cloths absorbs 15..

NZ$5.90 Ex Tax: NZ$5.13

Biodegradable Kitchen Tidy Bags

Kitchen bags that are biodegardable on land and in water and are designed to reduce the impart of pl..

NZ$5.50 Ex Tax: NZ$4.78

Biodegradable Pedal Bin Liners

These bags are designed to reduce the impact of plastic as litter.30 Pedal Bin Liners on a roll...

NZ$3.90 Ex Tax: NZ$3.39

Cleaning cloths, extra absorbent (Set of 2)

Clean again are super absorbent cleaning cloths.This cleaning cloths are acting as tear-free mul..

NZ$8.50 Ex Tax: NZ$7.39

Crystal Glass Cleaner Bamboo

Glass Cleaner with a sustainable bamboo handle.Crystal Glass Cleaner Bamboo 2.0Biodegrada..

NZ$18.90 Ex Tax: NZ$16.43

Crystal Glass Cleaner, refill

Glass Cleaner Cleaner refill head.Biodegradable cellulose sponge is safe on all glassware L..

NZ$9.90 Ex Tax: NZ$8.61

Dish Brush Bamboo, Be Good

A sustainable and recycled dish brush.The Full Circle's stylish and functional product range is ..

NZ$11.90 Ex Tax: NZ$10.35

Dish Brush Bamboo, Laid Back

A Bamboo Dish brush with replaceable head.This stylish bamboo brush feels good in your hand, loo..

NZ$15.50 Ex Tax: NZ$13.48

Dish Brush Refill Heads, Suds up (Pack of 2)

Refill heads for your Suds up Dish brush (twinpack).No need to trough your dish brush away. Simp..

NZ$9.90 Ex Tax: NZ$8.61

Dish Cloths, Tidy (Pack of 3)

100% organic cotton Cloths that keeps things clean and green.It is hard to make dish time fun bu..

NZ$10.90 Ex Tax: NZ$9.48

EM-1, Effective Microorganisms

EM, Effective Microorganisms is a combination of useful regenerated micro-organisms that exist freel..

NZ$26.50 Ex Tax: NZ$23.04

Euro Scrubby

Euro Scrubby is a must have in every household. It is an incredible little cleaning scrubby that has..

NZ$5.90 Ex Tax: NZ$5.13

Kitchen Cleaning Pack -10%

Kitchen Cleaning Pack

Eco Kitchen Cleaning Pack - includes Euro Scrubby, Dish Brush and Dish Cloths (Pack of 3).Eco cl..

NZ$28.70 NZ$25.90 Ex Tax: NZ$22.52

Laid Back, Dish Brush, refills (Pack of 2)

Refills for your Laid Back Dish Brush (twinpack). Consider yourself banished form dish time fore..

NZ$9.90 Ex Tax: NZ$8.61

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