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Eco Bathroom

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Eco Bathroom

Planning on being waste free in your bathroom? We can help you to make an eco friendly decision when buying products handy to have in your bathroom.

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Latest Reviews

  • Stain Remover Bar
    Fleur Pedersen:
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    Fleur Pedersen on Stain Remover Bar

    This stain remover bar is easy to use and does an excellent job removing stains and also sweat odour! Plus it is Eco friendly- Win Win! Love it.
  • Nadine G on Reusable Glass Coffee Cup, 12oz

    Bought 4 for our family. We chose our own favourite colour. Daughter dropped her empty cup at cafe and it was fine. Tough as - most impressed! We all find them easy to use and a pleasure to drink from.
  • Kersha V on Paper Snack and Sandwich Bags, unbleached

    I wanted something that was not a Ziplock bag as I dont want to use plastic in my house. These bags are perfect for sandwiches, big enough for large bread. Perfect! Great product!
  • Large Laundry Pack
    Mary F:
    Great value for money...
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    Mary F on Large Laundry Pack

    I bought these as they are completely natural and free from chemicals and toxins. I was really impressed by the first use but by the fourth I didn't feel they did such a great job. and the used nuts smell odd (the essential oil makes the clothes smell fab). They are excellent for items that aren't actually dirty but need a refresh. I found them lacking when it comes to washing whites. I'd absolutely recommend them, though.
  • Compostable Kitchen Tidy Liners, 27l
    Mary F:
    Great alternative to plastic...
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    Mary F on Compostable Kitchen Tidy Liners, 27l

    I've been using these for a while now and I highly recommend them. They work best with dry waste as they tend to break down with wet waste, but I do use them in my kitchen compost bin as well. They are great for taking straight to the garden as there's no mess and they break down quickly. I love them!