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Latest Reviews

  • SoapNut Shells, 1KG
    L. Agnew :
    Soap nuts...
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    L. Agnew on SoapNut Shells, 1KG

    Great, though better with essential oil added and doesn't really get grease and diesel smells right out.
  • Honeywrap Medium
    Rachael H:
    More longevity than you'd expect...
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    Rachael H on Honeywrap Medium

    I just bought two of these to replace the one I bought TWO YEARS ago. That wrap was used pretty much every school day, screwed into a ball, doused in butter, vegemite, nutella etc. After two years (might even be three) it started smelling like old butter so I binned it and bought more. That was quite some investment.
  • Eco Scrub
    Gets everything clean...
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    Katy on Eco Scrub

    I love these eco scrubs. We use them in the kitchen and bathroom and they never fail to get the grime off. They don't scratch or mark our dishes and cutlery and they're extremely durable. I won't be going back to supermarket scourers.
  • Jess Flynn on She'll Be Right Healing Balm, 25gm

    This is balm has worked well in clearing up dry lips and has been effective on kids eczema too.
  • Cheese Cloth
    Cassia W:
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    Cassia W on Cheese Cloth

    Great product, love the zero waste shipping ❤️