Non-Toxic Textiles and Manchester

Non-Toxic Textiles and Manchester

Ensuring that you use natural, non-toxic textiles/manchester in your home is an important aspect of maintaining your health and well-being. We source organic cotton & bamboo materials and natural fibres that do not release synthetic materials into the environment. 

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Bamboo & Organic Cotton Dish Towels SOLD OUT

Bamboo & Organic Cotton Dish Towels

Tea Towels made of bamboo and organic cotton.The tea towel that doesn't leave any marks on your ..

NZ$9.90 Ex Tax: NZ$8.61

Certified Organic Fantail shopping Bag

100% cotton and certified organic Fantail bag (unbleached).This thick and durabal Fantail Bag is..

NZ$21.90 Ex Tax: NZ$19.04

Reusable Fresh Produce Bag, single

An environment friendly solution for your fresh produces.This Pack includes 1 large bag.The ..

NZ$5.00 Ex Tax: NZ$4.35

Reusable Fresh Produce Bags, Mini Pack of 3 -11%

Reusable Fresh Produce Bags, Mini Pack of 3

Certified organic and reusable fresh produce bags. This Mini Pack includes 3 small bags.The ..

NZ$7.90 NZ$7.00 Ex Tax: NZ$6.09

Reusable Fresh Produce Bags, Multi Pack of 3

Say no to plastic bags for your fresh produces.This Multi Pack includes 2 large and 1 small bag...

NZ$9.50 Ex Tax: NZ$8.26

Reusable Fresh Produce Bags, Pack of 3 Large Bags

A 100% biodegradable fresh produce bag.This Pack includes 3 large bags.The bags are:M..

NZ$13.00 Ex Tax: NZ$11.30

Star Net Bucket Bag SOLD OUT

Star Net Bucket Bag

A beautiful thick, crocheted all purpose bag.It can be used for grocery shopping, for a visit to..

NZ$19.90 Ex Tax: NZ$17.30

String Bag, Long Handle -10%

String Bag, Long Handle

A bag that makes shopping easy, the long handles allow the bag to sit comfortable on your shoulders...

NZ$8.90 NZ$8.00 Ex Tax: NZ$6.96

String Bag, Short Handle -11%

String Bag, Short Handle

A soft handle makes this bag a practical accessory for a visit to your local Farmers Market.The ..

NZ$7.90 NZ$7.00 Ex Tax: NZ$6.09

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