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  • Home and Garden

    Had enough of using plastic in your household and want to reduce waste? EcoWarehouse can help transition towards a more sustainable life - simply use our amazing green eco helpers in and around your house.

    For your laundry we have a 100% natural product which is safe to use, environment friendly, biodegradable, reusable, affordable and very efficient. We also have supplies for your organic garden; no more chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicide needed.

  • Natural Earth Paint
  • Natural Beauty and Health

    You deserve to feel beautiful whilst at the same time looking out for the environment. Why not use natural, non-toxic products on your body and skin?

    We stock a wide range of natural and earth friendly beauty and health products.

  • Natural Gifts and Eco Gadgets

    If you know someone who is interested in living a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, you have just found the right place! Shop for gift vouchers, find environment friendly gifts by price or by gender and find eco-gifts by category to make the perfect ethical present. 

    Right here is where you can find an environment friendly gift for Mother's day. Dad's are in love with gadgets so why not an earth-friendly gadget for Father's day? Or sick of giving presents which are wrapped in unnecessary plastic? Have a browse through our gift ideas which are eco friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic and reusable.  

  • Eco Kids

    We believe that it is important to inspire our children and introduce and educate them about eco alternatives on a daily basis. The selection of eco products in our store are very inspiring for our free range kids. 

  • Eco Camping and Outdoors

    Kiwis love the outdoors and more and more companies are creating earth-friendly products that use less energy and fewer resources in the production and are less toxic for our environment.

    Therefore your eco-outdoor adventure will have a smaller environmental footprint.

  • Sustainable Office and School Supplies

    Take your Office and/or School to the next level. Why not start using sustainable, environment friendly and reusable stationery or get one of our everlasting stainless steel lunch boxes.

    We believe this will make a huge difference in your office/class room and might also inspire your co-workers to join the eco movement. 

  • New Zealand Made
  • Clearance
  • Specials
  • Donations

    Feel like supporting a good cause today?

    We have partnered up with some good causes and if you feel like giving something back, add one or more causes to your cart (you may also change the quantity). To find out more about each cause, click the boxes.

  • Eco Starter Packs

    If you are new to sustainable shopping, our Eco Starter Kits are the perfect choice to get started. Or you could buy them as a gift for someone who is interested in living a more environment-friendly lifestyle.

    We have created different eco gift packs to suit any budget. 

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Showing 1 - 24 of 130 items




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