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  • Natural Earth Paint
  • Home and Garden

    Welcome to our Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Household Products collection, where conscious living meets everyday convenience. We are committed to offering you a wide range of thoughtfully curated items that not only elevate your home but also contribute to a healthier planet. In a world where environmental responsibility is crucial, our mission is to make sustainable living accessible to all.

  • Natural Beauty and Health

    Discover natural radiance in our Eco-Friendly Beauty and Health Products. Explore our Eco-Friendly Beauty and Health Products collection today and take a step towards a more eco-conscious, radiant, and healthier you. Your well-being, your planet, and your beauty will thank you.

  • Natural Gifts and Eco Gadgets

    Explore our eco-friendly gift products, perfect for conscious gifting. Explore gift vouchers and eco-friendly presents by price, gender or event. Find the perfect eco-conscious gift for Mother's Day or an earth-friendly gadget for Father's Day, catering to all tastes. Say goodbye to wasteful plastic packaging with our selection of biodegradable, non-toxic, and reusable gift ideas. Make eco-friendly gifting a breeze.

  • Eco Kids

    Inspiring our children and nurturing their eco-consciousness is of utmost importance. Our store is dedicated to daily education, offering a captivating range of eco-friendly products that truly resonate with our free-range kids. We believe in sowing the seeds of sustainable living early, fostering a brighter, more conscious future for the next generation.

  • Eco Camping and Outdoors

    As outdoor enthusiasts, Kiwis hold a deep affection for nature. Fortunately, an increasing number of companies are crafting eco-conscious products that consume fewer resources, emit minimal toxins, and reduce energy consumption during production. This commitment to sustainability ensures that your outdoor adventures in New Zealand will leave a smaller environmental footprint, allowing you to relish the beauty of nature while treading lightly upon it.

  • Sustainable Office and School Supplies

    Elevate your office or school experience by incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Embrace reusable stationery and opt for our durable stainless steel lunch boxes. These small changes can significantly impact your workspace or classroom, setting an example that may encourage your colleagues or classmates to join the eco-conscious movement. Make a lasting difference while enhancing your daily routines with eco-friendly choices.

  • New Zealand Made

    Explore the beauty of New Zealand through locally crafted, environmentally friendly products. Designed with sustainability in mind, these eco-friendly items capture the essence of this pristine land. From biodegradable goods to earth-conscious innovations, our range supports both local providers and our planet. Embrace a piece of Kiwi heritage while contributing to a greener, more sustainable world. Discover the eco-magic of New Zealand-made, environmentally friendly treasures.

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  • Donations

    Feel like supporting a good cause today?

    We have partnered up with some good causes and if you feel like giving something back, add one or more causes to your cart (you may also change the quantity). To find out more about each cause, click the boxes.

  • Eco Starter Packs

    If you are new to sustainable shopping, our Eco Starter Kits are the perfect choice to get started. Or you could buy them as a gift for someone who is interested in living a more environment-friendly lifestyle.

    We have created different eco gift packs to suit any budget. 

  • Recycling
    TerraCycle offers an innovative range of upcycled and recycled products, transforming waste materials into eco-friendly solutions. From household goods to office supplies, their diverse catalog encompasses items crafted from repurposed materials, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Explore their collection for unique, planet-friendly alternatives that merge style with conscientious consumerism.
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Showing 1 - 24 of 118 items




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