Autumn Sale

Our awesome Autumn Sale:


Coffee Cups, reusable and recyclable, 12oz

Coffee Cups made in New Zealand which are reusable and 100% recyclable. CuppaCoffeeCup is a ..

NZ$16.50 NZ$14.00 Ex Tax: NZ$12.17

Stainless Steel Drinking bottle, 750ml

bbbyo Future an amazing stainless steel drink bottle.bbbyo specialise in products designed to he..

NZ$32.90 NZ$28.00 Ex Tax: NZ$24.35

Honeywrap, Create your own, Starter Kit

Create your own reusable food wrap.Honeywrap is a great plastic free alternative for wrapping yo..

NZ$33.00 NZ$30.00 Ex Tax: NZ$26.09

Eco Mojo Stationery Pack

Eco Mojo Stationery Pack includesRecycled bottle ballpoint pens Ballpoint pen made from..

NZ$18.95 NZ$15.00 Ex Tax: NZ$13.04

Lunette, Reusable Menstrual Cup

Lunette menstrual cup is a comfortable, user-friendly, safe, reusable and an eco-logical alternative..

NZ$54.90 NZ$50.00 Ex Tax: NZ$43.48

String Bag, Long Handle

A bag that makes shopping easy, the long handles allow the bag to sit comfortable on your shoulders...

NZ$8.90 NZ$8.00 Ex Tax: NZ$6.96

Kids Mojo Stationery Pack

Kids Stationery Pack includesRecycled Newspaper Colouring Pencils Eco-friendly colouring pe..

NZ$19.95 Ex Tax: NZ$17.35

Pure Mojo Stationery Pack

The Pure Stationery Pack includesRecycled Bottle Ballpoint Pens Ballpoint pen made from rec..

NZ$34.95 NZ$30.00 Ex Tax: NZ$26.09

Fertilpot Round 8x8, Pack of 18

Fertilpots are 100% organic and biodegradable pots.They are composed primarily of wood fibers an..

NZ$9.90 NZ$8.50 Ex Tax: NZ$7.39

Fertilpot Square 8x8, Pack of 14

Fertilpots are 100% organic, biodegradable and environemt friendly pots.They are composed primar..

NZ$9.90 NZ$8.50 Ex Tax: NZ$7.39

String Bag, Short Handle

A soft handle makes this bag a practical accessory for a visit to your local Farmers Market.The ..

NZ$7.90 NZ$7.00 Ex Tax: NZ$6.09

Reusable Fresh Produce Bags, Mini Pack of 3

Certified organic and reusable fresh produce bags. This Mini Pack includes 3 small bags.The ..

NZ$7.90 NZ$7.00 Ex Tax: NZ$6.09

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