Biodegradable Pedal Bin Liners

These bags are designed to reduce the impact of plastic as litter.

30 Pedal Bin Liners on a roll. Size 51cmx 65cm (approx 30 litre).

The timeframe for degradation depends upon environmental conditions and those require oxygen to be present. This process can take several years.  The Eco-pal bags, when disposed of in landfill, are unlikely to degrade – but degradation is possible. If degradation occurs it will take significantly longer than if the bag is in the open environment. If degradation occurs, it is followed by biodegradation and no harmful chemicals remain. These products are not suitable for composting.

Making plastic smarter, really?

  • Conventional plastic can be made to biodegarde in the same way as a leaf
  • Symphony's d2w technology causes called oxo-biodegration
  • d2w shortens the life of everyday plastic products
  • Plastic proved to degrad into non-plastic products
  • Residues bio-assimilate in open environment faster than straw and twigs
  • Products made with d2w are reusable many times, can be recycled and are made from recycled material

Why degradable?
All plastic will in time fragment and completely biodegrade, but it could take many decades. Symphony's d2w controls the making process, and turns the plastic at the end of its useful life into a material with a completely different molecular structure. At that stage it is no longer a plastic, and the fragments can be bio-assimilated in the open environment faster than straw and twigs and much faster than ordinary or recycled plastic. d2w has passed the usual eco-toxicity tests and does not contain "heavy-metals." It is certified for direct food-contact.

See video below about the process of the d2w technology

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Biodegradable Pedal Bin Liners

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