Organic Zinc Sunscreen - Surfers Zinc SPF 50

Organic Zinc Sunscreen - Surfers Zinc SPF 50

Surfers Zinc Natural & Organic SPF 50 Sun Protection.

With all of the knowledge we now have on just how damaging the suns UV rays are to our skin, it makes sense to be proactive and to ensure that you take the very best care possible. There are literally thousands of different types of sunscreen available on the market, but nothing is better than some good, old-fashioned and organic sun protection.

Sunscreen has garnered itself a bit of a bad reputation over the last few years, mainly due to the chemicals it can contain. Some of these chemicals have been found to be just as damaging to the skin as the suns UV rays, so it makes sense to opt for protection that contains pure and safe ingredients. Of course, sunscreen should also be good for the environment too, while providing optimal protection both in and out of the water.

Surfers Zinc sunscreen is an SPF 50 emollient that comprises of no-nano zinc dioxide and titanium dioxide that covers the skin with ease. It proves to be an exceptional sunscreen for those who enjoy surfing, boating, and swimming in warm and sunny waters. Surfers zinc is also as safe for your children as it is for the sensitive reefs and wildlife of the oceans. Another benefit of buying Mamaloha surfers zinc is that for each and every container that is sold, a tree is planted to help improve the environment for both man and the rest of this worlds life forms.

When you think about the damage that is currently being done to the world’s oceans indirectly through the use of beauty products and cosmetics, it is about time that companies made a change and create products that benefit us without destroying our planet. Mamaloha has done just that and created a 100% Eco and skin friendly, organic mineral sunscreen that contains zero synthetic chemicals and zero CFCs.

Do something good for your skin AND good for the environment by avoiding synthetic sun creams and taking advantage of the safe and natural protection that has been specially created and formulated with water sports and swimmers in mind. The best part of all of this? The price! At just 29.90 you are saving your skin, saving the planet, and saving your money. A little goes a long way and surfers zinc will provide you with amazing protection no matter how intense the suns rays may be.

Posted on 16/02/2021 EcoWarehouse Blog




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