No More Bottles – Soap, Shampoo & Body Butter Bars

No More Bottles – Soap, Shampoo & Body Butter Bars

Some forward-thinking cosmetic companies are taking steps to address this blight. Bottle-free soaps and shampoos are one simple way to reduce your own environmental footprint. These eco-friendly bars have several benefits in comparison to conventional soap and shampoo products.

1. They reduce waste

Perhaps the biggest advantage of these types of products is that they are often completely package-free. This will not only leave your shower space more aesthetically pleasing (without a mess of bottles strewn about), but – more importantly – they will reduce the amount of plastic rubbish you must discard or recycle.

2. They last longer

Due to the higher concentration of cleaning solution in these products, they tend to last longer than conventional soaps and shampoos. Since the most common ingredient in many bottled shampoos and soaps is water, you may be surprised that you need to use less product to achieve the same cleansing effect. In the long run, the greater longevity of these products may even save you money.

3. They contain natural ingredients

One of the refreshing aspects of these bars is that they typically contain no common additives which can be found in conventional personal hygiene products. For example, Ethique – the New Zealand-based company founded by a biologist – offers a wide variety of bars which are completely vegan, contain no toxins, and are biodegradable. The packaging is even compostable. Find all the products available here.

4. They are perfect for travelling

Since these products are not liquids, they do not fall under the restrictions put in place by airline regulators. They can be brought in carry-on luggage without any hassle which makes them very attractive for frequent travellers (especially those who have had their cosmetics left in checked baggage delayed or lost in transit)!

5. They work!

The bottom line is that these products are very effective at what they have been made to do: keeping you clean! Some trial and error with different types of bars may be necessary as your hair and skin adjust to the new treatment. However, they may be a welcome alternative to – and just as effective as – more conventional soaps and shampoos.

These environmentally-friendly bars are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of cosmetics consumption. For these benefits and more, these products are a solid choice for eco-minded consumers.

Posted on 10/03/2021 EcoWarehouse Blog




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