12 months ago we started using the Be Good Dish Brush. The handle is made of bamboo and the brush head & bristles made from recycled plastic. The brush has been used every day and yes after a few uses the outer bristles stood out so we took the scissors to cut them (see top brush). The brush has still lots of live in it and it's quite amazing that it lasts that long. How wonderful! We absolutely love our brush and it's not only environment friendly but it also looks great in the kitchen.

Let's do a wee comparison: For the Be Good dishbrush you are looking at an investment of $11.90, it has lastet 12 months and might last for another 3-4 months. The cost per month based on the 12 months is $0.99. If you buy a regular plastic dishbrush at the supermarket it will cost $1.87 and it might last 3-4 weeks and then it goes into the rubbish bin. Let's say buying a regular plastic brush every month; total cost in 12 months $22.44 which is nearly double.

Don't throw away your current dish brush (if it's still good). Use it and when you need a new one you might like to look at our range of dish brushes. We've got 3 different brushes in stock, the Be Goodthe Laid Back and the Suds Up