SoapNuts ~ a 100% natural, environment friendly, bio degradable, economical & effective alternative, SoapNuts can easily replace your "normal" detergent.

What are Soapnuts?

For hundreds of years, people in India and Nepal have been doing their laundry and cleaning with Soapnuts. The Soapnut is the dried fruit of the Ritha tree and the saponin released is a 100% substitute to normal detergents. They can be used for cleaning basically anything, from washing clothes, dishes, cloth nappies, as a liquid soap, cleaning and shining ornaments, household cleaner etc.

SoapNuts are highly-effective and gentle at the same time. It will leave your laundry fresh and clean and compared to other detergents, its mildness will keep colours bright, maintaining fabric structure of your clothes for longer periods. Soap nuts can be used on all fabrics, at all temperatures and they work in front and top loaders.

SoapNuts are allergy-free and hence are good for your skin especially good for babies, eczema and sensitive skin. This chemical free product is excellent for washing children’s clothing and cloth nappies. They are both ecological and economical when compared to other forms of detergents.

The berries are collected from mature wild trees which keep on producing fruit every year. Because  the trees are wild it means that nothing has been sprayed onto them. SoapNuts are a natural product and that is why they can be safely put back into the earth after they have done their cleaning. They will decompose and enrich the soil.

Non-Toxic and Hypoallergenic

They are a 100% natural with no chemicals added, so are safe for using in grey water that will water the garden, septic and sewage systems, and be assured there are no chemicals that will leach into waterways and the ocean. Also gentle on people with skin sensitivities and allergies.

Soapnuts will sanitise as well as clean your clothes. And if a liquid concentrate is made by boiling crushed soapnuts in water, it can be used as a multipurpose cleaner to clean and sanitise any surface – bench tops and tables and perfect for high chair and surfaces your children eat off.

How to use in your laundry?

SoapNuts can be used as they are as a laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent  or made into a liquid to clean anything in and around the house.

Place 6-8 whole soapnuts in the cotton washbag (included in every purchase of Soapnuts), and place it in the machine drum with your washing. If you have a front loader just placed the cotton bag with your cloths into the machine. Wash as normal. Soapnuts don’t need to be removed during the rinse cycle as there is no harmful or irritating residue as is left over from normal detergents. If you can, you could even stop the rinse cycle and go straight to spin. The Soapnuts can be reused 4-6 times, more often in cold water, before composting them into your garden.

How to make a liquid soap using Soap Nuts shells?

  • Add about 50g (handful) Soap Nuts Shells (excluding seeds) to approximate 4 cups of water. Crush the shells into smaller pieces before adding
  • Bring to boil, then simmer for approximately 10 minutes. The boiling process extracts the saponin from the nut shells and combines with the water
  • Let the liquid cool down and then take the SoapNuts shells out and add 1 to 2 teaspoon of either Guar Guar Gum or Xanthum Gum. This will help to thicken up the liquid
  • If liquid is used for shampoo and liquid hand soap, add a few drops of any essential oils to give it a bit of a smell

You can use the liquid immediately, or let it steep overnight. Strain into appropriate container and compost the remaining shells. The liquid can then be used as shampoo, all purpose cleaner, car wash, liquid soap, pet shampoo, washing-up liquid or for any other purposes you would normally clean with a liquid.