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Organic Zinc Sunscreen - Surfers Zinc SPF 50

With all of the knowledge we now have on just how damaging the suns UV rays are to our skin, it makes sense to be proactive and to ensure that you take the very best care possible. 

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Beginning of February me and my daughter opened a new toothbrush and wrote the date onto the brushes. This was out of pure curiosity as I really wanted to know how long my toothbrush would last, as well as our daughter's one. 

Be good, Dish Brush

12 months ago we started using the Be Good Dish Brush. The handle is made of bamboo and the brush head & bristles made from recycled plastic. 

Reusable fresh produce bags

Well, I have to say that those string bags remind me of my teenage years back in Switzerland. Back then, they used to be hip, had nearly one in every colour to match my outfit.

Oxygen Bleach, 100 % Sodium Percarbonate

Can you feel that Spring is in the air? Still cold mornings but beautiful days. I also spotted the first pollen on our car. Which made me think that it is that time of the year again to wake everything up from the "winter sleep"...

Dish cloths

Me personally am not much of a blogger but in this case I'd like to write about this fantastic product. It seems a bit weird to write about such a simple household item, but I feel like it's worth spreading the word.


Are you struggling to keep the little animals away from your compost heap? We have been using the amazing Bokashi compost system for years now and still think this is the best system ever.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

This is an article to share as it is exciting news. As most of us know, methane emissions are worse then all the emissions caused by trains, cars, planes, bikes and boats.

Bike lane is also a Solar Array

Now that is just so impressive. While reading and watching how the have build a bike lane as well as a solar array in Korea we were wondering, if something like that would be possible in New Zealand?


SoapNuts ~ a 100% natural, environment friendly, bio degradable, economical & effective alternative, SoapNuts can easily replace your "normal" detergent.

Reduce Plastic Bags

Did you hear that the Green Party calls on the government to reduce plastic bag uses? A report from the Ministry for the Environment shows the public support for reducing waste from plastic bags. 

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Latest Reviews

  • SoapNut Shells, 250G
    Michelle W:
    Well worth a try...
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    Michelle W on SoapNut Shells, 250G

    The soap nuts are cleaning my washing just as good as conventional washing powder minus the harmful chemicals and environmental impact. There is no smell but I don't care about that, you could add some essential oils if you wanted a fragrance. These will actually work out cheaper and better for you. I got 5 large loads out of 6 nuts. Excellent value.
  • Oxygen Bleach, 1KG
    Michelle W:
    Excellent product...
    Read review

    Michelle W on Oxygen Bleach, 1KG

    My teatowels and dish cloths have never been cleaner! This product has removed all the stains from my filthy old teatowels and my babies snuggle toy looks nice and sparkly too. Can't wait to try it for cleaning too.
  • Reusable Makeup Remover Pads
    Madelaine W:
    Cute lil wipes...
    Read review

    Madelaine W on Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

    These are quite petite little wipes made of really soft cotton. They wash and dry with everything else in the machine or can be handwashed. Colours are vibrant. I would recommend getting a bunch of them not just one!
  • Ethique Face Sampler (Pack of 5)
    Madelaine W:
    Great sample pack...
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    Madelaine W on Ethique Face Sampler (Pack of 5)

    2 different cleansers (one for oily and one for dry skin), an exfoliating /moisturising cleanser, and two different moisturiser blocks. Takes a little time to get your head around how the moisturiser blocks work but once you do... wow! They make my sensitive, dry, easily irritated skin all calm, poofy and silky feeling. Not sure if I ever want to go back to a cream moisturiser at all now! A great pack to try out different options, see how they work for you and then decide what to carry on with.
  • Helen B on Dish Brush Bamboo, Laid Back

    Got this brush and 2 extra heads. Loving the wooden handle. So much better then the plastic supermarket brushes.