Eco Laundry

Eco Laundry

A lot of people suffer from allergies using detergents which aren't safe. We have sourced 100% natural products which are safe to use, environment friendly, biodegradable, reusable, affordable and very efficient. 

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Bamboo Clothes Pegs, Pack of 20

Clothes pegs made from biodegradable and sustainable bamboo and recyclable stainless steel spring. ..

NZ$5.00 Ex Tax: NZ$4.35

Cotton Washbags, 3 Pack

Cotton Drawstring wash bags.Used for adding SoapNuts to your laundry or dishwasher.Each Pack..

NZ$4.50 Ex Tax: NZ$3.91

Eucalyptus Oil, 10ml

100 % Essential Eucalyptus oil.Eucalyptus oil has a fresh, powerful, peppery, camphoraceous scen..

NZ$11.90 Ex Tax: NZ$10.35

Frangipani Fragrance Oil, 10ml

Frangipani Fragrance Oil, 10ml.It smells extremely exotic with a deep floral and sensual fragran..

NZ$11.90 Ex Tax: NZ$10.35

Large Laundry Pack -12%

Large Laundry Pack

The Large Laundry Pack includes 1kg of SoapNut shells, 500ml of SoapNuts liquid, a stain remover bar..

NZ$78.60 NZ$69.00 Ex Tax: NZ$60.00

Lavender Oil, 10ml

100% Essential Lavender oil.Lavender oil smells fresh, sweet, floral, herbaceous and slightly fr..

NZ$11.90 Ex Tax: NZ$10.35

Lemon Oil, 10ml

100% Essential Lemon oil.Research has also shown that lemon essential oil enhances the ability t..

NZ$11.90 Ex Tax: NZ$10.35

Lemongrass Oil, 10ml

100% Essential Lemongrass oil.It has red-coloured stems and fast-growing grass-like leaves that ..

NZ$11.90 Ex Tax: NZ$10.35

Medium Laundry Pack -11%

Medium Laundry Pack

The Medium Laundry Pack includes 500g of SoapNut shells, 500ml of SoapNuts liquid, a stain remover b..

NZ$59.60 NZ$53.00 Ex Tax: NZ$46.09

Organic Peppermint Oil, 10ml

100% Essential and Organic Peppermint oil.Peppermint has a strong, fresh grassy-minty aroma...

NZ$11.90 Ex Tax: NZ$10.35

Organic Sweet Orange Oil, 10ml

100% Essential and Organic Sweet Orange oil.Sweet Orange oil has a sweet, citrus smell much like..

NZ$11.90 Ex Tax: NZ$10.35

Oxygen Bleach, 1KG

Oxygen Bleach ~ 100% Sodium Percarbonate.Oxygen bleach - 100% sodium percarbonate can be used in..

NZ$14.90 Ex Tax: NZ$12.96

Peg Bag

Peg Bags made of coffee sacks.Each year millions of coffee sacks are produced and most of them e..

NZ$24.90 Ex Tax: NZ$21.65

Small Laundry Pack -11%

Small Laundry Pack

The Small Laundry Pack includes 250g of SoapNut shells, 500ml of SoapNuts liquid, a stain remover ba..

NZ$49.60 NZ$44.00 Ex Tax: NZ$38.26

SoapNut Giftpack -13%

SoapNut Giftpack

The Giftpack includes 250g of SoapNut shells and an essential oil.Choose from a range of 9 oils:..

NZ$30.80 NZ$26.90 Ex Tax: NZ$23.39

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