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Biodegradable Dish Cloths

The eco-friendly super absorbent dish cloths are 100% biodegradable. ..

NZ$5.90 Ex Tax: NZ$5.13

Natural bottle brush

Bottle brush with wool head and pure natural bristles.The natural ..

NZ$7.90 Ex Tax: NZ$6.87

Kiwiana Number Matching Cards

NZ made Kiwiana Number Matching Cards.12 educational New Zealand t..

NZ$15.90 Ex Tax: NZ$13.83

Zinc Sunscreen, World Traveler 30g Jar SPF 50+

Surfers Zinc Sunscreen SPF 50+, made from 100% natural and organic Ing..

NZ$34.90 NZ$29.90 Ex Tax: NZ$26.00

Hairbrush, 128 wood pins with ball tips

Wooden hair brush with 128 wood pins.Dishy brushes are sourced fro..

NZ$19.90 Ex Tax: NZ$17.30

Lunette, Reusable Menstrual Cup

Lunette menstrual cup is a comfortable, user-friendly, safe, reusable ..

NZ$54.90 Ex Tax: NZ$47.74

Roasting Bags, non-stick Parchment

Unbleached totally chlorine-free, non-stick parchment roasting bags. ..

NZ$20.90 Ex Tax: NZ$18.17

Zinc Sunscreen, Eco Traveler 15g Push-up Tube SPF 50+

Zinc Sunscreen SPF 50+, made from 100% natural and organic Ingredients..

NZ$21.50 NZ$18.90 Ex Tax: NZ$16.43

Bee Fresh Deodorant, Push up balm

A 100% organic natural and effective deodorant.This Bee Fresh Deod..

NZ$16.90 Ex Tax: NZ$14.70

Coffee Cups, reusable and recyclable, 12oz

Coffee Cups made in New Zealand which are reusable and 100% recyclable..

NZ$16.50 Ex Tax: NZ$14.35

Alphabet Kiwi Flash Cards

NZ made Alphabet Kiwi flash cards.26 educational flash cards each ..

NZ$15.90 Ex Tax: NZ$13.83

Hairbrush, 230 wood pins with ball tips

Wooden hair brush with 230 wood pins.Dishy brushes are sourced fro..

NZ$22.90 Ex Tax: NZ$19.91

Wooden Nailbrush

A nicely looking wooden nailbrush that easily replaces your plastic on..

NZ$6.50 Ex Tax: NZ$5.65

Cleaning cloths, extra absorbent (Set of 2)

Clean again are super absorbent cleaning cloths.This cleaning clot..

NZ$8.50 Ex Tax: NZ$7.39

Compostable Baking Cups, Mini

Unbleached, non-toxic, compostable Baking cups.The Baking cups are..

NZ$3.50 Ex Tax: NZ$3.04

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