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Wooden Dish Brush, 50mm

Natural wooden handle and Tampico fibre Dish brush.The Tampico is ..

NZ$8.50 Ex Tax: NZ$7.39

Crystal Glass Cleaner, refill

Glass Cleaner Cleaner refill head.Biodegradable cellulose spong..

NZ$9.90 Ex Tax: NZ$8.61

Coffee Cups, reusable and recyclable, 12oz

Coffee Cups made in New Zealand which are reusable and 100% recyclable..

NZ$16.50 Ex Tax: NZ$14.35

Wooden Nailbrush

A nicely looking wooden nailbrush that easily replaces your plastic on..

NZ$6.50 Ex Tax: NZ$5.65

Compostable Baking Cups, Mini

Unbleached, non-toxic, compostable Baking cups.The Baking cups are..

NZ$3.50 Ex Tax: NZ$3.04

Rhino Repair, 150ml

A powerful and natural skin healing cream.This amazing creams cont..

NZ$39.90 NZ$34.90 Ex Tax: NZ$30.35

Biodegradable Pedal Bin Liners

These bags are designed to reduce the impact of plastic as litter...

NZ$3.90 Ex Tax: NZ$3.39

Replacement Head, Wooden Dish Brush, 50mm

Tampico fibre Dish brush replacement head.The Tampico is a very ro..

NZ$4.00 Ex Tax: NZ$3.48

Unbleached Baking Paper, Roll 19.8m

Compostable, unbleached and chlorine free Parchment Baking Paper.T..

NZ$13.20 Ex Tax: NZ$11.48

Mooncup, Smarter Sanitary Protection

The Mooncup is the original silicone menstrual cup designed by women f..

NZ$49.90 Ex Tax: NZ$43.39

Compostable Baking Cups, Jumbo

Unbleached, chlorine free, compostable Baking cups.The Baking cups..

NZ$4.90 Ex Tax: NZ$4.26

Wooden Toilet Brush

A wooden toilet brush made of Beechwood, sisal and piassava fibre...

NZ$15.90 Ex Tax: NZ$13.83

Recycled Aluminium Foil, 10M

Made from 100% recycled aluminum.When traditional aluminium foil i..

NZ$7.50 Ex Tax: NZ$6.52

Unbleached Parchment Baking Sheets

Compostable, unbleached and chlorine free Parchment Baking Paper Sheet..

NZ$9.40 Ex Tax: NZ$8.17

Childrens Earth Paint Kit, Petite

Earth Paints for Children (petite) is an organic, eco-friendly paint k..

NZ$34.90 Ex Tax: NZ$30.35

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