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Greek Yoghurt Kit

Make your own Probiotic Greek Yoghurt with Mad Millie's awesome Kit.  ..

NZ$23.90 Ex Tax: NZ$20.78

Compostable Kitchen Tidy Liners, 27l

Let's go plastic free in your kitchen with the Kitchen Tidy liners mad..

NZ$7.50 Ex Tax: NZ$6.52

E-Cloth Coffee Machine Pack

Easy cleaning without chemicals.The Coffee Machine Pack includes 2..

NZ$17.50 Ex Tax: NZ$15.22

Kai Carrier Reusable Storage Bag

The newest pouch in the Kai Carrier range - Reusable storage bag, can ..

NZ$10.50 Ex Tax: NZ$9.13

Wooden Kids Kitchen Set, 9 piece

Natural beech wood kids Kitchen Set.The nine piece wooden baking u..

NZ$25.90 Ex Tax: NZ$22.52

Tea bottle, double wall thermal plus carry cover, 500ml

Glass is Greener double wall thermal Tea flask (tea bottle) plus some ..

NZ$39.90 Ex Tax: NZ$34.70

E-Cloth Kitchen Pack

E-Cloth perfect cleaning with just water.The Kitchen Cleaning Pack..

NZ$17.50 Ex Tax: NZ$15.22

Top up Cheese Ingredients Kit

A must have kit if you are making cheeses from the Fresh, Italian and ..

NZ$29.90 Ex Tax: NZ$26.00


A great and easy way to make cheese and/or yoghurt. The Cheesemake..

NZ$75.50 Ex Tax: NZ$65.65

Artisan Cheese Kit

Artisan Cheese Kit - the ultimate kit for all cheese lovers.Everyt..

NZ$169.50 Ex Tax: NZ$147.39

Fresh Cheese Kit

Make your own delicious cheese at home.To create an array of fresh..

NZ$68.50 Ex Tax: NZ$59.57

Cheese Cloth

100% cotton cheese cloth.A fine, 100% cotton cloth used for strain..

NZ$6.50 Ex Tax: NZ$5.65

Mint drinking bottle, 750ml

bbbyo Future an amazing stainless steel drink bottle.bbbyo special..

NZ$32.90 Ex Tax: NZ$28.61

Italian Cheese Kit

Make our own Mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone and more from your own ki..

NZ$39.50 Ex Tax: NZ$34.35

Cultured Butter Kit

The perfect kit to make handcrafted European style butter in your own ..

NZ$24.90 Ex Tax: NZ$21.65

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