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Organic Sweet Orange Oil, 10ml

100% Essential and Organic Sweet Orange oil.Sweet Orange oil has a..

NZ$11.90 Ex Tax: NZ$10.35

Recycled Twin Tip Permanent Marker

Recycled Twin Tip Marker.Eco-friendly Non-Toxic 63% recycled Pe..

NZ$3.25 Ex Tax: NZ$2.83

Honeywrap, Multipack

Say bye to plastic wrap and get your kitchen sorted with the Honeywrap..

NZ$52.00 NZ$47.90 Ex Tax: NZ$41.65

Reusable Fresh Produce Bags, Multi Pack of 3

Say no to plastic bags for your fresh produces.This Multi Pack inc..

NZ$8.50 Ex Tax: NZ$7.39

Kai Carrier Ice Block pouches

Kai'cicles are great for homemade iceblocks and ice creams.Easy to..

NZ$11.00 Ex Tax: NZ$9.57

Dental floss, natural and biodegradable

A dental floss that is natural, biodegradable and eco-awesome.How ..

NZ$8.90 Ex Tax: NZ$7.74

Kai Carrier 300ml pouches

Reusable, BPA, PVC and Phthalate free Food pouches.The 300ml pouch..

NZ$12.00 Ex Tax: NZ$10.43

Recycled Newspaper Colouring Pencils, 10 Pack

Recycled Newspaper Colouring Pencils.Non-Toxic 85% recycled mater..

NZ$9.95 Ex Tax: NZ$8.65

Honeywrap Medium

A natural & reusable food wrap, the most versatile.The most popula..

NZ$12.00 Ex Tax: NZ$10.43

Paper Snack and Sandwich Bags, unbleached

Compostable, unbleached and chlorine free Paper Snack and Sandwich bag..

NZ$12.90 Ex Tax: NZ$11.22

Childrens Earth Paint Kit, Petite

Earth Paints for Children (petite) is an organic, eco-friendly paint k..

NZ$34.90 Ex Tax: NZ$30.35

Honeysticks Beeswax crayons, Thins

Box of Honeysticks thins (contains 8 Honey Sticks). An amazing pro..

NZ$11.50 Ex Tax: NZ$10.00

Slim Handle, Toothbrush WooBamboo, Adult

An Eco friendly, natural toothbrush made from organically grown, susta..

NZ$7.50 Ex Tax: NZ$6.52

Men Deodorant, Dual Magnesium Oil, 100ml

A natural dedodorant for men.Dual for Men is a natural deodorant t..

NZ$29.95 Ex Tax: NZ$26.04

Recycled Highlighter, Pack of 4

Highlighters made of recycled wood, Pack of 4 (one of each colour). ..

NZ$9.90 NZ$7.90 Ex Tax: NZ$6.87

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