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Certified Organic Tampons, 40 pieces

The right choice for your health and the environment and change to 100..

NZ$13.90 Ex Tax: NZ$12.09

Stain Remover Bar

An all natural 100% biodegradable stain remover.How many times hav..

NZ$6.90 Ex Tax: NZ$6.00

Individual Earth Paint Colours (Packets)

A famous and water-soluble Children’s Earth paint in individual envelo..

NZ$9.90 Ex Tax: NZ$8.61

Bamboo Biochar, 5kg

Bamboo Biochar (Certified organic) a natural soil amendment.The ba..

NZ$15.90 Ex Tax: NZ$13.83

Kai Carrier Baby Pack

The Kai Carrier Baby Kit is perfect for babies starting on solids...

NZ$51.50 NZ$44.00 Ex Tax: NZ$38.26

Dental floss, natural and biodegradable

A dental floss that is natural, biodegradable and eco-awesome.How ..

NZ$8.90 Ex Tax: NZ$7.74

Black drinking bottle with Cover, 750ml

bbbyo Future the ultimate stainless steel drink bottle with black wave..

NZ$38.90 Ex Tax: NZ$33.83

Reusable Fresh Produce Bags, Mini Pack of 3

Certified organic and reusable fresh produce bags. This Mini Pack ..

NZ$7.90 NZ$7.00 Ex Tax: NZ$6.09

Compostable Baking Cups, Mini

Unbleached, non-toxic, compostable Baking cups.The Baking cups are..

NZ$3.50 Ex Tax: NZ$3.04

Stainless Steel Drinking bottle, 750ml

bbbyo Future an amazing stainless steel drink bottle.bbbyo special..

NZ$32.90 NZ$28.00 Ex Tax: NZ$24.35

Facial Scrub Pohutukawa, 100ml

Pohutukawa Spa Facial Scrub mad with 100% natural and organic ingredie..

NZ$38.80 Ex Tax: NZ$33.74

Tea bottle, double wall thermal plus carry cover, 500ml

Glass is Greener double wall thermal Tea flask (tea bottle) plus some ..

NZ$39.90 Ex Tax: NZ$34.70

Recycled Newspaper Colouring Pencils, 10 Pack

Recycled Newspaper Colouring Pencils.Non-Toxic 85% recycled m..

NZ$9.95 Ex Tax: NZ$8.65

Zinc Sunscreen, World Traveler 30g Jar SPF 50+

Surfers Zinc Sunscreen SPF 50+, made from 100% natural and organic Ing..

NZ$34.90 NZ$29.90 Ex Tax: NZ$26.00

Bamboo & Organic Cotton Dish Towels

Tea Towels made of bamboo and organic cotton.The tea towel that do..

NZ$9.90 Ex Tax: NZ$8.61

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