Dear Customer,

Let's keep this one short and sweet and start with some good news and an introductory offer.

We have worked hard with a local supplier to manufacture our own EcoWarehouse branded cleaning spray. It's a 100% natural, all purpose NZ made cleaner made from Manuka hydrosol. Scroll to the product below to see more details and to check out other new products added to our ever growing range.

To introduce our Manuka Hydrosol, Natural Cleaning Spray, the first 50 orders containing this product will get it at a discounted rate of $19.90 instead of $23.90.

Use the following voucher code in the checkout process to get your deal: CLEANDEAL
Better be quick, as these will be gone in no time...
Oh -  and there's a refill in the making too. Watch this space.

Also this year's Plastic Free July has come to an end - but hopefully your new habits have not. How did you go trying to reduce or even completely eliminate plastic usage this month? We know it can be challenging at times but always remember that every little bit counts. Starting with easy home swaps, you can help reduce the amount of plastic going into our landfills. Possibilities for zero waste swaps are abundant as you find our browsing our online shop.

As always, all the very best from your EcoWarehouse team.


Check out our brand new eco-products:


Manuka Hydrosol is a natural byproduct from the steam distillation of the Manuka Essential Oil. Manuka Hydrosol has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Hydrosol contain the colloidal suspensions of the essential oil as well as water. It's cleaning abilities are outstanding!

Velvet Heartbeat is ethical and vegan handbags & accessories lovingly handmade in New Zealand from the finest cruelty free materials.


A new (old) way of washing the dishes: We introduce our Stainless Steel Soap Cage / Soap Shaker. Remember those days when Grandma did the dishes? Ours have never used dish washing liquid in plastic bottles. They have always used the soap shaker, soap cage, soap swish or whatever you want to call's a terrific wee tool that once again reduces the amount of waste going to landfills.

The MyCup™ Menstrual cups are NZ Made. They are beautiful designed for comfort and confidence. The Menstrual cup is a small flexible cup that collects your menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it. It's comfortable, reusable, hygienic and can be used overnight. With proper care, it will last a long time. 

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