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Here at EcoWarehouse we are always looking for innovative new products that can make our daily lives cleaner and greener, or in this case our teeth whiter! We have a fabulous NEW product to share with you, NOICE Botanical Tooth Gel which is now live on our website. The producers have worked hard with dentists to source organic plant based ingredients that are completely chemical free, and packaged them all in a nifty glass bottle to prevent even more plastic tubes ending up in our landfills! Combine this with our popular Bamboo Toothbrushes and Eco Floss, and you have the perfect recipe for a cleaner greener world, and sparkly white teeth! 

As always, all the very best from your EcoWarehouse team.




Brand new to the country, NOICE Botanical Tooth Gel has been developed to rid our daily teeth cleaning routine of nasty chemicals once and for all! The high quality active ingredients and essential oils in the plant based formula are all organic. They have been selected with dentists to keep our teeth clean and white, our gums healthy, our breath fresh and prevent cavities.

* 100% Natural Toothpaste / Dental Gel

* Certified Organic active ingredients

* Contains no artificial flavours

* Contains no artificial sweeteners

* Contains no colours or preservatives

* Fluoride Free

* Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) Free

* Naturally whitening

* Minty Fresh Breath


Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrush with either soft or medium bristles. Bamboo is an organic and renewable source. Certain species of bamboo grow up to 91cm within a 24-hour period, which is about 4cm per hour. Bamboo does not require treatment, pesticides or insecticides as part of the growing phase. Kids Toothbrushes available as well!

Eco Floss

How many miles of plastic string should one person throw away in their life? With the Bamboo Dental floss, it’s zero! What we found here is an eco-friendly dental floss which is made from bamboo and activated charcoal, in a glass dispenser that is reusable and kraft paper packaging. 


Terrific Tooth Care Tips

10 easy to follow tips on how to keep up optimal dental care in a greener (and whiter!) fashion

  1. Choose a high quality EcoWarehouse Bamboo Toothbrush
  2. Store your toothbrush in a different position each day, sideways, upright and in sunlight when possible to avoid mould forming
  3. When it is time to replace your toothbrush, cut off the bristles before adding the bamboo handle to your home compost, where it will biodegrade completely
  4. Did you know that the average person replaces their toothbrush each season...if every person in NZ threw a plastic toothbrush into the landfill each time, that would be approximately 20 million toothbrushes per year!
  5. Choose a sustainable toothpaste option that is chemical and waste free
  6. Brush brush brush those teeth! 
  7. If the average person uses 4-5 tubes of toothpaste per year, that is billions of tubes globally that end up in our landfills :(
  8. Choose a stylish black or white EcoWarehouse Eco Floss which is made from charcoal infused bamboo fibres and delicious peppermint oil
  9. Floss to your hearts content before adding the fibres to your compost, and then refilling the cute glass jar with even more Eco-Awesome Eco Floss
  10. By following these simple tips you can maintain optimal oral health without contributing to our current climate crisis

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