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Dane D 06/02/2023
Verified Purchaser

Magic beans

Years ago, I was at my friend's house and he had two small children, so I was helping hang out the wet laundry. In the washing machine was this little bag of damp dried nuts. I told him the kids must have left one of their treasues in their pockets, but he told me this was actually how they did their washing. I thought he was crazy. However, a few moons passed and I tried soapnuts for myself. Now I think people who use perfumes and powders are crazy. Soapnuts are so simple, compostable, and clean. The clothes feel just really clean. I'm a mountain biker and I colour my hair and they deal with semi-permanent hair dye and mud really well. These soapnuts from evowarehouse were perfect. Dry and plump. I put them in glass jars or they get sticky. But I love them. Well worth buying. And they really do last as long as it says on the box.

Rachelle Arcus 04/02/2023

Wonderful Fantastic

Making my own pigment paints for encaustic projects. Been passionate to do for a while. So pleased with my purchase and yes bought NZ.

Mandy 04/02/2023

Will buy again

Been using another brand of tooth powder for many years but due to it now being unavailable, I had to search for a new mint-free powder.
Very happy to find this product, teeth feel clean & I think they are getting whiter!

Sharon 02/02/2023


Great product, love how it keeps my smoothie cool for hours.
Easy to hold and clean.
HIghly recommended.

Sharon 02/02/2023


Love these ice block moulds, just ensure you take care putting the wooden sticks in as the plastic circles pop out easily and disappear into the moulds.

Catherine 01/02/2023

Great weave size

This works very well with the weave size as I don't like scourers or harsh brushes. I have a number of these on rotation so I have a fresh one every day or. Much better than cheap and nasty supermarket cloths and look better in your kitchen.

Anna Dunford 31/01/2023

Fantastic results

Easy to use, no nasty smells and gives a great subtle finish that shows off the wood rather than the varnish! Goes on easily and is perfect for the inexperienced to use as it’s very forgiving!

Linda 25/01/2023

Ideal gift and novel idea

Bought for a gift so have not tried product, but it has delightful scent, is attractively packaged and NZ made.

Irenee M 24/01/2023
Verified Purchaser


Thanks for the speed of service and excellent communication. Speedy delivery. All round top service.

Kathryn H 24/01/2023
Verified Purchaser


I switched from tooth tabs to try this and i love it. It spreads onto tour teeth with a lot more ease and i feel cleanser when using this compared to tabs. I would love to see this company take the empties back for refill, but will definitely be continuing to use this.

Sarah Shi 23/01/2023

I am happy with it.

I like this bottle. I am happy with this purchase.

Sarah Shi 23/01/2023

Good service, good product.

Ecowarehouse gave me the great service. This product is good.




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