Xmas Ideas

Find here some Eco conscious Xmas ideas:


Coffee Cups, reusable and recyclable, 12oz

Coffee Cups made in New Zealand which are reusable and 100% recyclable. CuppaCoffeeCup is a ..

NZ$16.50 Ex Tax: NZ$14.35

Woodgrain drinking bottle and carry cover, 500ml

bbbyo Future a beautiful and fun stainless steel drink bottle with a leaf carry cover.bbbyo spec..

NZ$33.90 Ex Tax: NZ$29.48

Certified Organic Fantail shopping Bag

100% cotton and certified organic Fantail bag (unbleached).This thick and durabal Fantail Bag is..

NZ$21.90 Ex Tax: NZ$19.04

Sustainable Bath Sponge

100% natural and truly ecologically farmed sea sponges. The 100% natural Sustainable Sponges are..

NZ$17.90 Ex Tax: NZ$15.57

Natural Face Paint Kit

Natural Face painting fun for any occasion.This Kit contains: 6 containers of face paint and 3 b..

NZ$27.90 Ex Tax: NZ$24.26

Biodegradable Dish Cloths

The eco-friendly super absorbent dish cloths are 100% biodegradable.The Wet-it cloths absorbs 15..

NZ$5.90 Ex Tax: NZ$5.13

SoapNut Giftpack

The Giftpack includes 250g of SoapNut shells and an essential oil.Choose from a range of 8 oils:..

NZ$30.80 NZ$26.90 Ex Tax: NZ$23.39

Wooden Kids Kitchen Set, 9 piece

Natural beech wood kids Kitchen Set.The nine piece wooden baking utensil set is perfect for a li..

NZ$25.90 Ex Tax: NZ$22.52

Alphabet Kiwi Flash Cards

NZ made Alphabet Kiwi flash cards.26 educational flash cards each featuring a clever kiwi with a..

NZ$15.90 Ex Tax: NZ$13.83

String Bag, Long Handle

A bag that makes shopping easy, the long handles allow the bag to sit comfortable on your shoulders...

NZ$8.90 Ex Tax: NZ$7.74

Bokashi Starter Kit, 15 Litre Bucket Set and 1 Bag of Compost-Zing

The Bokashi compost system processes kitchen waste into highly productive garden compost in only 4 w..

NZ$59.90 Ex Tax: NZ$52.09

3-Pack, Honeywrap

Let's call it Kitchen essential - the new three pack from Honeywrap.This pack includes 1x small ..

NZ$34.00 NZ$29.50 Ex Tax: NZ$25.65

Ear Candles (Pack of 2)

Ear Candles by Louise are handmade in New Zealand lined with beeswax and 100% cotton.They are 30..

NZ$19.90 NZ$17.90 Ex Tax: NZ$15.57

Compostable Baking Cups, Large

Unbleached, non-toxic, compostable Baking cups.The Baking cups are made from the same material a..

NZ$4.90 Ex Tax: NZ$4.26

Dog Poop Bags, Compostable, 60 bags

Compostable doggy poop bags made from corn-based renewable resources.For all the environment lov..

NZ$15.90 Ex Tax: NZ$13.83

Zinc Sunscreen, World Traveler 30g Jar SPF 50+

Surfers Zinc Sunscreen SPF 50+, made from 100% natural and organic Ingredients.Mamaloha strictly..

NZ$34.90 NZ$29.90 Ex Tax: NZ$26.00

Childrens Earth Paint Kit, Petite

Earth Paints for Children (petite) is an organic, eco-friendly paint kit made from primarily natural..

NZ$34.90 Ex Tax: NZ$30.35

Lunette, Reusable Menstrual Cup

Lunette menstrual cup is a comfortable, user-friendly, safe, reusable and an eco-logical alternative..

NZ$54.90 Ex Tax: NZ$47.74

Eco Mojo Stationery Pack

Eco Mojo Stationery Pack includesRecycled bottle ballpoint pens Ballpoint pen made from..

NZ$18.95 Ex Tax: NZ$16.48

Standard Handle, Toothbrush WooBamboo, Adult

An Eco friendly, natural toothbrush made from organically grown, sustainable, biodegradable, antimic..

NZ$7.50 Ex Tax: NZ$6.52

Euro Scrubby

Euro Scrubby is a must have in every household. It is an incredible little cleaning scrubby that has..

NZ$5.90 Ex Tax: NZ$5.13

Wooden Nailbrush

A nicely looking wooden nailbrush that easily replaces your plastic one.The Dishy toilet brush i..

NZ$6.50 Ex Tax: NZ$5.65

Lavender Oil, 10ml

100% Essential Lavender oil.Lavender oil smells fresh, sweet, floral, herbaceous and slightly fr..

NZ$11.90 Ex Tax: NZ$10.35

Reusable Fresh Produce Bag, single

An environment friendly solution for your fresh produces.This Pack includes 1 large bag.The ..

NZ$5.00 Ex Tax: NZ$4.35

Tea bottle, double wall thermal plus carry cover, 500ml

Glass is Greener double wall thermal Tea flask (tea bottle) plus some amazing looking carry cover.  ..

NZ$39.90 Ex Tax: NZ$34.70

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