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Latest Reviews

  • Ethique Superstar, Face Cleanser and Makeup Remover
    Laura Z:
    Great smelling face wash bars. ...
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    Laura Z on Ethique Superstar, Face Cleanser and Makeup Remover

    These are amazing and have no harsh chemicals (including from sitting in a plastic bottle). Can't wait to reorder!
  • Stain Remover Bar
    Laura Z:
    Natural stain bar but does the job! ...
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    Laura Z on Stain Remover Bar

    Doesn't leave my hands feeling cracked and dry after washing like the Sard wonder soap bar does. Fantastic. Will definitely buy again.
  • Laura on Ethique Sweet Orange and Vanilla Bodywash

    By far my favourite of the body wash bar flavours, wonderful lather so awesome to use with a shower puff
  • Ethique The Guardian, Conditioner bar
    Christina H:
    From sceptic to fan...
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    Christina H on Ethique The Guardian, Conditioner bar

    I have frizzy, dry at the ends but oily at the scalp, fly-away hair and tried "The Guardian" in desperation, preparing to be underwhelmed. I was pleasantly surprised to find this conditioner really works. I've been using this for 3 weeks now and find my hair to be manageable (for what feels like the first time, ever) and it feels soft. It's a little weird at first using a solid conditioner, but you soon work out a method that suits you best (I rub it onto my hands and apply it that way, but my daughter applies the bar directly to her hair). Very happy.
  • Ethique The Perfector, Solid Face Cream
    Christina H:
    Visible improvement...
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    Christina H on Ethique The Perfector, Solid Face Cream

    After three weeks of using the "Face Perfector" in conjunction with the "Face Saving Serum", my face and decolletage look and feel significantly smoother and less red than they have for the past couple of decades. I've found they have worked really well for my skin, which is around 50, sensitive, and tends to be rather dry. Sometimes it can take a little bit of extra time for my hands to heat the bar enough to to apply to my face, and it naturally doesn't flow across the skin like a lotion, but that hasn't detracted me from how good my skin feels. There are three 'bars' inside each packet, and despite applying day and night, I've barely made any visible reduction in the first bar, so I can see these are going to last me a very long time.