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  • SoapNut Shells, 250G
    Michelle W:
    Well worth a try...
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    Michelle W on SoapNut Shells, 250G

    The soap nuts are cleaning my washing just as good as conventional washing powder minus the harmful chemicals and environmental impact. There is no smell but I don't care about that, you could add some essential oils if you wanted a fragrance. These will actually work out cheaper and better for you. I got 5 large loads out of 6 nuts. Excellent value.
  • Oxygen Bleach, 1KG
    Michelle W:
    Excellent product...
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    Michelle W on Oxygen Bleach, 1KG

    My teatowels and dish cloths have never been cleaner! This product has removed all the stains from my filthy old teatowels and my babies snuggle toy looks nice and sparkly too. Can't wait to try it for cleaning too.
  • Reusable Makeup Remover Pads
    Madelaine W:
    Cute lil wipes...
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    Madelaine W on Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

    These are quite petite little wipes made of really soft cotton. They wash and dry with everything else in the machine or can be handwashed. Colours are vibrant. I would recommend getting a bunch of them not just one!
  • Ethique Face Sampler (Pack of 5)
    Madelaine W:
    Great sample pack...
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    Madelaine W on Ethique Face Sampler (Pack of 5)

    2 different cleansers (one for oily and one for dry skin), an exfoliating /moisturising cleanser, and two different moisturiser blocks. Takes a little time to get your head around how the moisturiser blocks work but once you do... wow! They make my sensitive, dry, easily irritated skin all calm, poofy and silky feeling. Not sure if I ever want to go back to a cream moisturiser at all now! A great pack to try out different options, see how they work for you and then decide what to carry on with.
  • Helen B on Dish Brush Bamboo, Laid Back

    Got this brush and 2 extra heads. Loving the wooden handle. So much better then the plastic supermarket brushes.