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2 Bokashi Starter Kit, 2x 15 Litre Bucket Set and 2 Bags of Compost-Zing -10%

2 Bokashi Starter Kit, 2x 15 Litre Bucket Set and 2 Bags of Compost-Zing

An easy to use compost system processes kitchen waste into highly productive garden compost in only ..

NZ$119.80 NZ$107.90 Ex Tax: NZ$93.83

3-Pack, Honeywrap -13%

3-Pack, Honeywrap

Let's call it Kitchen essential - the new three pack from Honeywrap.This pack includes 1x small ..

NZ$34.00 NZ$29.50 Ex Tax: NZ$25.65

Alphabet Kiwi Flash Cards

NZ made Alphabet Kiwi flash cards.26 educational flash cards each featuring a clever kiwi with a..

NZ$15.90 Ex Tax: NZ$13.83

Baby Balm, 80ml

An all-organic Baby balm.This baby balm is calming and cleansing for baby’s bottom and creases. ..

NZ$32.00 Ex Tax: NZ$27.83

Bamboo & Organic Cotton Dish Towels

Tea Towels made of bamboo and organic cotton.The tea towel that doesn't leave any marks on your ..

NZ$9.90 Ex Tax: NZ$8.61

Bamboo Biochar Compound Fertiliser, 5kg

Bamboo Biochar and fertiliser all in one.The composition of the Bamboo Biochar Compound Fertilis..

NZ$18.90 Ex Tax: NZ$16.43

Bamboo Biochar, 5kg

Bamboo Biochar (Certified organic) a natural soil amendment.The bamboo biochar granules are now ..

NZ$15.90 Ex Tax: NZ$13.83

Bamboo Clothes Pegs, Pack of 20

Clothes pegs made from biodegradable and sustainable bamboo and recyclable stainless steel spring. ..

NZ$4.90 Ex Tax: NZ$4.26

Bamboo Cotton buds, Box of 200

Bamboo Cotton buds are 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable bamboo stick with natural cotton..

NZ$5.00 Ex Tax: NZ$4.35

Bamboo Vinegar, 300ml

Certified organic Bamboo Vinegar (liquid).Bamboo Vinegar, a reddish-brown liquid which is obtain..

NZ$12.90 Ex Tax: NZ$11.22

Bee Fresh Deodorant, Push up balm New

Bee Fresh Deodorant, Push up balm

A 100% organic natural and effective deodorant.This Bee Fresh Deodorant is made from 100% organi..

NZ$16.90 Ex Tax: NZ$14.70

Biochar Liquid Fertiliser, 300ml

A natural and organic liquid fertiliser. Restore the health of contaminated soil by using Biocha..

NZ$12.90 Ex Tax: NZ$11.22

Biodegradable Ballpoint Pen

Biodegradable Ballpoint Pen made from PLA plastic and recycle material.Non-Toxic 49% biodeg..

NZ$1.75 Ex Tax: NZ$1.52

Biodegradable Dish Cloths New

Biodegradable Dish Cloths

The eco-friendly super absorbent dish cloths are 100% biodegradable.The Wet-it cloths absorbs 15..

NZ$5.90 Ex Tax: NZ$5.13

Biodegradable Kitchen Tidy Bags

Kitchen bags that are biodegardable on land and in water and are designed to reduce the impart of pl..

NZ$5.50 Ex Tax: NZ$4.78

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