Natural Earth and Mineral Pigments

Natural Earth Paint

Natural Earth Paint

Non-toxic and high quality Natural Earth and Mineral Pigments.

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  • Ultramarine Purple Ultramarine Purple
  • Brilliant Yellow Brilliant Yellow
  • Emerald Green Emerald Green
  • Venetian Red Venetian Red
  • Yellow Ochre Yellow Ochre
  • Terre Verte (Green) Terre Verte (Green)
  • Ultramarine Blue Ultramarine Blue
  • Burnt Umber Burnt Umber
  • Burnt Sienna Burnt Sienna
  • Raw Umber Raw Umber
  • Raw Sienna Raw Sienna
  • Black Ochre Black Ochre
  • Titanium White Rutile Titanium White Rutile
  • Orange Ochre Orange Ochre
  • Violet Ochre Violet Ochre
  • Mayan Red Mayan Red
  • Natural Gold Mica Natural Gold Mica
  • French Turquoise French Turquoise
  • Natural Copper Mica Natural Copper Mica
  • Silver Mica Silver Mica

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Non-toxic and high quality Natural Earth and Mineral Pigments.

The non-toxic and high quality Natural Earth and Mineral pigments are available in 2 different sizes.

3oz (approx 85g) and 1 lb (approx 453g). The pigments are packed in biodegradable bags.

Why use these pigments?

  • Non-toxic
  • High quality
  • Natural Earth and Mineral
  • Using biodegradable bags
  • Lots of different uses 
  • Made in the USA
  • Conform to US Safety Standards ASTMD-4236
  • Vegan

Click here to view more paint recipes including egg tempera, watercolours, pastels, gouache, casein paint, wall paint, fresco, glair paint, wood stains, children's paint and more.

How to mix paint? Scoop a small mound of pigment (one or two tbsp.) on a palette, piece of glass, or flat container. Make an indentation in the centre like a volcano, slowly add a small amount of refined walnut oil, and mix thoroughly with a palette knife until the thick paste forms. Adjust amounts of oil and pigment until you get a thick paste consistency. 

That is it! You have just made the most archival, radiant and pure paint that is free of any fillers, stabilizers, preservatives, heavy metal toxins and petroleum-based pigments. 


  • If desired, you can mix up the entire packet of pigment and store in an aluminium tube or airtight container
  • These paints mix perfectly with any brand of conventional tubed oil paints. Feel free to use a combination of the two
  • If you run out of walnut oil, you can use any refined walnut or linseed oil. Walnut oil is preferred as Linseed oil has a tendency to "yellow" a painting as it ages

How to thin paint: The use of solvents (as a paint thinner and brush cleaner) is a relatively recent development in the art history. Instead of solvents, traditional oil painters such as Rembrandt typically used walnut or linseed oil to thin their paint and clean their brushes. These days you can either use the Eco-Solve which is a 100% plant-based and non-toxic paint thinner or the refined Walnut oil.

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About Natural Earth Paint

Natural Earth Paint

Natural Earth Paint is committed to a truly eco-friendly business model as reflected by their prestigious Gold certification from Green America. They continue to use locally made, 100% post consumer recycled packaging, biodegradable plastic bags and recyclable glass bottles. They also operate out of a 100% solar powered facility.

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Love love love these earth pigments. Wish it would sell in bulk volumes. Otherwise great colors to work with, it's quality is just something else 100% recommended.

Verified Purchaser

Best Pigments I've found in NZ!!

I bought these to make my own paint and they are the best quality pigments I've found in NZ by far. They are beautiful colours and wet out nicely and will make great dispersions for acrylic paint. I highly recommend these pigments for all types of home made paint or even to colour resin but only a pinch as they're very very strong. I will definitely be ordering these regularly from now on and thanks to Dunja for such great service too

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