Natural Beauty and Health

Natural Beauty and Health

You deserve to feel beautiful. Why not using natural, non-toxic products on your skin? Plus we also stock an amazing probiotic drink which helps to make you feel gorgeous from inside out.

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Baby Balm, 80ml

An all-organic Baby balm.This baby balm is calming and cleansing for baby’s bottom and creases. ..

NZ$32.00 Ex Tax: NZ$27.83

Bamboo Cotton buds, Box of 200

Bamboo Cotton buds are 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable bamboo stick with natural cotton..

NZ$5.50 Ex Tax: NZ$4.78

Bee Fresh Deodorant, Push up balm

A 100% organic natural and effective deodorant.This Bee Fresh Deodorant is made from 100% organi..

NZ$16.90 Ex Tax: NZ$14.70

Body Butter, 80ml

The Body butter is a perfect skin food for your whole body.It is hydrating the skin and relievin..

NZ$20.00 Ex Tax: NZ$17.39

Body Wash, Totara and Manuka Blossom, 100ml

Bathe in luxury with natural botanical ingredients of Aotearoa, New Zealand.A botanical body was..

NZ$28.95 Ex Tax: NZ$25.17

Certified Organic Cotton Fabric Bag

In need of a beautiful handcrafted organic cotton fabric bag?The all natural zip up bag is handc..

NZ$25.00 Ex Tax: NZ$21.74

Certified Organic Cotton Pocket Fabric Bag

Say bye to tampons going everywhere in your handbag, say hi to your new pocket fabric bag.The Po..

NZ$11.50 Ex Tax: NZ$10.00

Certified Organic Cotton Tampons -6%

Certified Organic Cotton Tampons

It is time to make the right choice for the environment and your health.Choose 100% certified or..

NZ$8.50 NZ$8.00 Ex Tax: NZ$6.96

Certified Organic Tampons, 40 pieces

The right choice for your health and the environment and change to 100% certified organic cotton tam..

NZ$13.90 Ex Tax: NZ$12.09

Cloth Pads Twin Pack New

Cloth Pads Twin Pack

Menstrual Cloth Pads, Twin Pack.These menstrual cloth pads have a super soft plush bamboo velour..

NZ$23.50 Ex Tax: NZ$20.43

Day Cream, Kanuka Blossom Hydrating

Kaimai Skincare made with organic therapeutic oils and organic essential oils.Kaimai Kanuka Blos..

NZ$19.95 Ex Tax: NZ$17.35

Dental floss, natural and biodegradable

A dental floss that is natural, biodegradable and eco-awesome.How many miles of plastic string s..

NZ$8.90 Ex Tax: NZ$7.74

Dual Magnesium Oil Deodorant Woman

Restore healthy levels of magnesium in your body by using a fragrant deodorant on a daily basis...

NZ$22.00 Ex Tax: NZ$19.13

Ear Candles (Pack of 2) -10%

Ear Candles (Pack of 2)

Ear Candles by Louise are handmade in New Zealand lined with beeswax and 100% cotton.They are 30..

NZ$19.90 NZ$17.90 Ex Tax: NZ$15.57

Eco Face paint/Makeup Applicator Set

Eco Face paint/Make up applicator set with bamboo and corn resin handles.This 5 piece set includ..

NZ$5.90 Ex Tax: NZ$5.13

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